Class overview

Circuits  - body conditioning, endurance and resistance training using high intensity exercises. It targets strength and muscular endurance 

Jab, kick, burn - martial arts based workout with kicking, punching, knees and hiit training. Improving strength whilst burning calories

Total Body Workout/ Tone to the Bone - combining cardio with strength training whilst incorporating different equipment every week

Hiit Workout - different class every week including metafit, insanity, tabata and hiit. This type of training consists of participants doing intense bursts of body weight exercises followed by a short or active recovery. This keeps the heart rate up and burns fat in less time

Potluck/ Cardio Tone - different cardio class every week including aerobics, strong, step, zumba and legs, bums and tums

Spin - high intensity cycling workout that takes place on a stationery bike 

Hiitstep - 30min hiit workout that requires a step and your body weight. It improves cardio fitness, speed and agility - achieving serious calorie burn 

Mind and Body - different holistic classes such as pilates, yoga, piyo and transform. A mixture of exercises that consist of low impact flexibility, muscular and endurance movements while emphasising core strength and muscular balance 

Kettlefit - strength and conditioning class based around a kettlbell

Boxfit - cardiovascular workout based around boxing training including skipping, boxing drills and abdominal workout all focusing on fitness and toning 

Barre- ballet inspired moves with elements of pilates, yoga and dance focusing primarily on lower body and core developing strength and flexibility from ankles up through calves, knees, thighs, glutes and abdominals